Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Smell

I'm so Happy to have started my own blog, I have considered this for so long and I feel so accomplished that I've finally started. At the same time though, I'm away from my main computer so I won't be able to post certain things until I'm back in NC. Right now I'm in Virginia, Yay! I haven't gotten to really do much yet, which is sad, but I'm glad to just be able to enjoy my winter break.
I've been trying to stay active so I try to work out on the regular, but I haven't actually been doing that recently because of the cold weather, so when my sister suggested I try her workout(one she'd created) I was so excited, but once we got started I felt so weak, I was really pathetic. She had me doing squats, jumping, stretching, and a whole bunch of other stuff; and sadly I just couldn't keep up, but hopefully we'll do it again today or tomorrow so I can do better, wish me luck!

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