Monday, January 23, 2012

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See Review

Shanghai Girls revolves mostly around a relationship between two sisters.  Pearl and her younger sister May, live in 1930s Shanghai; they are living a great life, full of wealth, happiness and limitless opportunities.  Until it is revealed that their father has gone into debt in his business and has no money to pay the mob except by selling his daughters through a planned marriage.  Also, there are bombs landing in Shanghai at the worst times possible, taking the lives of people they have known all their life.  Pearl has to make many hard decisions that will change lives forever, not only her own, but for her family too.

I feel as though my summary didn't go deep enough into the storyline, but believe me this story has MANY twists and turns.  I couldn't believe that so many bad things could happen to these girls without ruining their relationship.  Pearl is a very strong main character, even though she likes to play it on the safe side.  She gives up all of her hopes and dreams for her family and seemingly gets nothing back.  I loved her character, I wanted so many good things for her; but she gave her sister everything.  May was the "prettiest" sister, and was spoiled by everyone in her family.  I hated that she got whatever she wanted, but everyone let her get away with it, including Pearl.

I loved this book, but I have to say it was one of the saddest books I've ever read.  I saw my own sisters reflected in Pearl and May and continuously hoped for their happiness, but overall this book is great. It'll make you thank God that you were(if you were?) born after this time and really appreciate what you have.  I'd love to hear what you think!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sewing project

I went to a local sewing shop yesterday where I made this super easy bag with a zipper.  I had never done a zipper before and now I'm so confident, I can't wait to make another bag.  The bag was vinyl so I couldnt pin it but that didn't make it any less difficult, we used sewer's double sided tape to place the zipper.  The needle did get a little gunky, but the tape is water soluble so you just have to wipe it off.
 This is the bag inside out.

 Here's the bottom.
The measurements were 8 x 10 inches.  After cutting that, we started sewing on the zipper.  Once that was done, we sewed the sides, make sure the zipper is OPEN.  For more info on the corners, watch my video.  I then flipped it inside out and was done.
P.S. The last seam was 2 inches up from the corner.