Thursday, April 28, 2011


So, lately I've been really getting into wearing weave, but I don't want to damage my hair so I've been wearing clip-ins. I looked up some videos on youtube and their are so many helpful videos on how to put them in, sew tracks together, and even make them from scratch! I think it's so resourceful. Luckily I found some tracks in our closet, so I sorted through them for the best ones and I bought some snaps from Sally's and used them to clip the tracks in my hair. I have to say though, that the most helpful video for me was one were a guy sewed some tracks together and then to some clips. It really encouraged me to do the same and now I have some thicker tracks that are a lot more secure. There's a link at the bottom for the video.

It's SPRING BREAK!!!! and I'm so happy just to chill around the house, but I'm not at my house, I'm in Virginia, Yay! I have some family here so I've been visiting family, shopping, and eating too much. The second day I was here we went to an outlet mall where I got some stuff from AC Moore, for a project I'm going to do a bit later. There was also a Hibachi Buffet that had the one of the best buffet's I've been to; they even had this egg cake that was the BOMB! I'm going to have to try to make my own. (P.S. If you have a recipe for it, I'd love to try it.)

 Here's the link for the weave vid:
make your own weave

Friday, February 11, 2011


So, I just started knitting, Yay! I had watched a video by Secret life of a Bionerd on knitting and it looked so simple the way she taught it. I also had this bag full of yarn so I started watching video after video of tutorials and now I've knitted my first scarf. It's a wide grey scarf and all I had to do was buy some knitting needles from Wal-mart for the low price of 2.60 or something like that, so in all it's a great deal. I also plan on going to my first real lesson soon at a yarn shop nearby so I'm really excited for that. I hope I learn to knit a hat :) .