Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Do I Want to Be in the Future?

In reality, I have no idea. When I was younger, I wanted to be a nurse, like my mom; a pediatrician, for no good reason; and a salesman, because I'm good at math. I'm considering so many different things right now, hoping that something will strike something in me, but it hasn't happened yet. My school schedule is:
  1. Allied Health 2
  2. Advanced Functions
  3. Fayetteville Tech Community College courses
I love learning about the body, so I figured by taking Allied Health it would put me in the right direction and it has, but I'm still very confused on what I want to be, when there are so many great options.
My Fayetteville Tech class is called exploring health careers, so I signed up to get a feel for some occupations I'm not very familiar with. The course includes 4 different classes; it has speech lang. pathology assistant, pharmacy tech., health care mgmt., and dental assisting. the classes are definitely good to prepare me for college, but it has only really helped me rule out a few things.
So my main choices right now are pharmacist, dentist, and physician; but physician includes so many categories! I'm so confused.

R.I.P. Michael

For Christmas, one of my friends got me the new Michael Jackson Experience for the wii and I have to say the game is really fun, especially if you're a Michael fan. Me and my sisters spent at least an hour just dancing to the songs at 12 midnight. The game is just like any other dance game for the wii, but it's completely dedicated to Michael Jackson. the controls are easy and it's a good workout. I also really liked how they had videos of dance instructors to show you some of the moves. This game is a great gift for anyone born between 1955 and 2000, I think anyone can really enjoy this game. The game is just what it advertises, a Michael Jackson experience, so don't buy the game expecting to see Janet Jackson's "Nasty Boys" or something.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Smell

I'm so Happy to have started my own blog, I have considered this for so long and I feel so accomplished that I've finally started. At the same time though, I'm away from my main computer so I won't be able to post certain things until I'm back in NC. Right now I'm in Virginia, Yay! I haven't gotten to really do much yet, which is sad, but I'm glad to just be able to enjoy my winter break.
I've been trying to stay active so I try to work out on the regular, but I haven't actually been doing that recently because of the cold weather, so when my sister suggested I try her workout(one she'd created) I was so excited, but once we got started I felt so weak, I was really pathetic. She had me doing squats, jumping, stretching, and a whole bunch of other stuff; and sadly I just couldn't keep up, but hopefully we'll do it again today or tomorrow so I can do better, wish me luck!